Sharon Dahlman
Bright Promise
  • Dr. Dahlman founded Bright Promise in 2011 to help students attain their highest possible scores on the ACT test--one of the most important criterion colleges use to determine admission and scholarships. 
  •  The classes are open to all students at Green High School and surrounding districts and are designed to help students attain their highest possible scores--whether it is the first time they take the test or after numerous attempts.
  • Dr. Sharon Dahlman retired in 2009 from Green Local Schools with a total of 35 years in education.  She is first, and most importantly, a teacher.  She also worked as a Curriculum Director and Gifted Coordinator in Coventry, as well as a Language Arts Consultant and Test Developer for Stark County Educational Service Center.  She holds a teaching degree from Kent State, a Masters in supervision/instruction from Akron U, and a Ph.D. from Akron U in education/curriculum studies.
  • Mr. Dan Meadows, retired math teacher from Jackson High School and former math consultant for Stark County ESC, teaches the math session and offers numerous strategies to help students reach their goals on the math section of the test.
  • Students who complete the classes and assigned practice typically raise their composite scores an average of 3 points, but highly-motivated students have improved as much as 10 points.